Work with a design & digital team who'll nail your brief the first time.

Work with a design team who pride themselves on nailing your brief the first time.

If you’ve found yourself here at the end of an internet rabbit hole, or perhaps upon the advice of a trusted friend, it’s likely you’re in search of one of two things…

To brand your unique business, your unique way

Stand out with a marketing-led brand that saves you time, money and whole lot o’ heartache as you grow into your next stage of business.

To run your unique business, your unique way

Take the Quiz to find out your Business Personality and cut through generic business advice to leverage your strengths.

Business owners are a special breed of human. Determined, tenacious and full of possibilities, they dare to dream the dream of ‘What if…?’

‘What my business could let me share the thing I love most with the entire world?’ 

‘What if my product could revolutionise people’s lives?’

‘What if my idea could really make a difference?’

The tricky thing is, sometimes it can be hard to find a design and marketing partner who really gets what you’re trying to achieve. Heck, maybe you find it hard to communicate yourself! Where do you even start? 

Well, my little paprika covered sausages,
I can tell you, it all starts with YOU.

It starts with creating a foundational strategy that accurately taps into your story. Who you are, what you want and how you work best.

And that’s where our expertise lies, deciphering the needs you didn’t even know you had and turning them into the brand and website that are more than you wanted. 

Well hello there,

I’m Naomi, Chief Fairy Brandmother, designer and personality profiler with a degree in marketing.

After years of working with small business owners, I found a crucial first step missing when it comes to creating brands. And that’s first and foremost to build your brand on your vision, goals and purpose instead of solely focusing on your ideal customer. It’s then, and only then, that you stop chasing that customer, and instead, invite them to meet you at a place of mutual benefit. 

Let us support your next stage of growth with...

A brand that represents who you are and where you want to go with your business

Our signature 1:1 Branding Experience starts with a marketing-led strategy built on your business personality type, core values, competitor analysis & aspirational state. The combination of razor sharp self-awareness & deeply considered strategy is our way of measuring three times and cutting once to create a brand that fits you and your audience like glass slippers fit Cinderella.

An action plan for growth tailored to your personality

Over 4 strategy sessions, our True North Alignment Package delves into your business personality type, values, aspirational state and external environment and creates an action plan to move you closer to your personal version of success.

A website that looks, sounds and feels like you

From sitemapping and UX to wireframing & conversion based copy, every pixel of your website is an opportunity to welcome your ideal customers into your world so they instantly feel like you’re old friends.

A Shopify site that sells your product like a 24/7 salesman who never sleeps, drinks too much coffee, and always wears a suit, even in the shower.

If you’re an E-commerce business, Shopify is the only platform we trust to reliably and consistently deliver an experience your customers will come back for time and time again.


The Good Sheet

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Furbaby Retreat

 Branding | Website | Booking System

Some more Brand Worlds we've helped Co-create


"Naomi nailed our logo and the brand personality first go and I'm almost fully booked out ALL THE TIME!

Not having any clear vision of what I wanted my business to look like, Naomi listened and really got an intimate understanding of me, my business and I wanted to convey. The detailed, step-by-step process of detailing my personality and values and then the businesses' personality and values was so helpful - not only to develop a brief for the brand but in getting clarity myself. I'm so pleased with the process and the outcome!

"Naomi is the perfect mix of Eat Pray Love meets Mad Men."

Naomi always rocks our world with her wisdom, dedication, experience and energy, but our expansion into the United States took matters to another level with a new website build spanning two countries, new product launches and photoshoots in California that Naomi art directed via video stream at 1:30 in the morning Tasmania time. I wish I had a chihuahua-sized Naomi to carry around in my bag so I could ask her advice 24/7.
Nina McMahon
PopUp WiFi

"Now I finally have this amazing brand that shows my full self it's bringing in the right clients. I blummin' love it. And it’s given immediate results! Book in with Naomi straight away."

I'd heard that Naomi shows people how to use their innate strengths to brand & market themselves, so when my gorgeous new branding ended up bringing in the wrong clients, I booked in to see her and realised I was portraying the 'good girl' version of me. When my new brand personality was revealed I actually cried, I felt so seen. That is so, so rare. Lots of people do branding but they don’t really understand you. Naomi looks at things so differently. 
Sarah Tuckett

"Booking in with her is the best thing I’ve ever done for my business. After working with her everything took off. "

Naomi took the time to really listen and connect with me during our personality profiling and values sessions so that when my new brand arrived, it was so on point I didn’t change a thing! I can’t thank her enough for the start she gave me in my business. Getting clear on who I am, how I work best in business, my message and how that translated into my brand story and marketing was absolutely everything for me. It was really when everything took off. I can't wait to see what comes next. Amazing.
Dione McCurdy
Career CoachING

"OMG! My Business Owner's Personality Guide was incredible! I've never read anything that sums up who I am in a business sense with such accuracy."

It makes me feel like I have "come home". I now have so much more confidence that I am on the right track and now clearly know what I should, and should not focus on. Brand Whisperers have given me the confidence to grow my business in the right direction. I can now see why people keep asking me to join boards and take on leadership roles! Everything makes so much sense now. I can't thank you enough! What a gift you've given!
Nicole Ashby
High Profit Media

"My clinic is now booked out for months to come and I’ve had to hire more staff to keep up with demand!”

Brand Whisperers made the daunting process of starting a business easy and enjoyable. From not knowing where to start and feeling overwhelmed with all the advice out there, I now have a brand and a strategy that helps me confidently make every business decision (From what to invest in to what Christmas presents to buy clients!). I think I’ll have my Brand Book on my bedside table forever! This one asset has helped me make so many good decisions and saved me so much time and money.
Georgia Ellis
Summit Osteopathy

"Naomi made what was, in our eyes, the impossible into reality and re-invented our brand in a way we, and our clients love."

In our 50th year in business it was time to rebrand the family business. After our first meeting with Naomi we knew she was the right person to undertake the task – she got us and we got her. The process was easy and enjoyable, with countless laughs along the way. Understanding us and our passions, Naomi was able to marry our history into our new brand presence. I would definitely recommend Brand Whisperers to anyone who is looking to rebrand and refresh their business. Thank you Naomi for all you have done for Dave, myself and the Atkins Group. From Luke (Ted Lasso) Atkins"
Luke David Atkins
Atkins Group

"Through Naomi, not only do I have an amazing brand and website I love, I have learned so much about how to run my business too!”

I was more than impressed with the process and personalised service Naomi provides. She’s intuitive and has a gift of making you feel at ease so your deepest desires and dreams for your vision can be uncovered. Throughout her process including deep enquiry and personality profiling, which is enlightening in itself, a full understanding of you and your business strategy is revealed to be artfully integrated into a comprehensive brand.
Jacinta Shilling

"Having someone who understands how to align my personality and values to my business was an absolute benefit to ensure I pursued growth on the right foot."

Having previously worked with Naomi for personality profiling and copy writing, I knew exactly who I needed to help with the re-brand of my business. Having a deep understanding of both my personality and values really helped me shape the brand to accentuate my strengths. Working with her always felt like a warm hug. Everything was done in a way that you knew why every single part of the process was beneficial to the outcome, and even though it was so thorough, it didn't feel laborious or hard to do.
Michelle Cozzi

"Naomi has a tremendous talent for helping people turn their dreams into reality and making the journey fun, insightful, and deeply inspiring."

I still remember the day I found her. Her beautiful pixie-like face smiling back at me from her website. I knew straight away that she was ‘The One’. Naomi Gora, You are such a fabulous woman. You held my hand when I didn’t really know what I was doing or where I was going, and then… Just when you knew I was ready. You let go. And watched me fly.
Helene Thomas
Wayfinder Storytelling Studio

"Naomi has not only produced a brand and website that I like, it resonates with my very core."

What a gift it has been to work with Naomi. Her love, care, wisdom and professionalism was evident from our first meeting. The personality based branding work that helped inform the site truly reflects Naomi’s deep insight and market knowledge.
Mary Dwyer

"So many thanks to the amazingly talented, creative and ever so patient and caring Naomi."

If you need a new brand or website or business and marketing strategy she can do it all. Her unique process links to your personality type and takes you on a journey of discovery about how to do business your way. 5 golden stars to you Naomi!”
Kara Spence
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