The No. 1 way your Business Personality Self-Sabotages

Today I sat down with Lynda James from Valo Financial to have a casual chat about how we can use personality typing to be more self-aware in our decision making across 3 core business pillars – our product and service offers, how we make and manage money, and how we create our brands.

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The agony of low-cost pricing

Pricing is something I see new business owners struggle with in the first few years of getting established. There is a perpetual fear of losing customers if they increase their prices. I have seen many a business owners losing sleep for months and tying themselves in knots

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Which E-Myth role suits your personality type?

If you’ve read the E-Myth (and if you’re a new business owner it’s definitely one to pop on the top of your reading list), you’ll be familiar with Michael Gerber’s three essential roles in a business: The Entrepreneur, The Manager and The Technician.

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Where to start when your marketing won’t work

Something I often hear when bumping into new business owners is ‘But my marketing just isn’t working, I don’t know what to do.’ I’ll then ask them how many visitors they’ve had to their website in the last month. The answer is often ‘I don’t know, I don’t look at that stuff’. Then I’ll ask them what their bounce rate is, what their email open rate is, and what their email conversion rate is…. And I’m met with more blank stares like ‘Lady, what the hell you even talking about?’.

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Where to start helping your customers understand what you do

Gosh, can I just start by saying I really don’t like the words ‘customers’ or clients’? Possibly this is because the people I work with usually end up feeling just feel like mates who happen to pay me. Maybe that’s not a sensible big/growth business idea, I don’t know, but I like it that way.

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Where to start designing your own logo

There’s a whole bunch of things to consider when designing a logo. There’s business strategy, brand values, personality and pillars, colour palettes, font choice, positioning statements, how the logo will be used, on what mediums and what sizes to name just a few, but if you’ve got all your strategy and background planning down pat and you’re ready to give the actual designing a try on your own, here are my top five principles to guide you on your way to designing a cohesive, memorable, and powerful logo that will help you be noticed, remembered and ultimately singled out by the people who you want to be buying from you…

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is it time to get brand whisperered?

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