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Archetype Characteristics: industrious, detailed, resource wizardS

‘Honouring the individual, Protection, and ‘Being in the top 1%’.  These are what we discovered as Furbaby Retreat’s three governing core values when business owner, Jessica, came to us for help with opening one of Australia’s finest luxury hotels exclusively for cats. 

After watching her beloved furbaby, Hershey, experience stress and anxiety after staying at local cat boarding facilities, finally Jessica said ‘No more!’ and after two years of diligent study and research, Furbaby Retreat was ready to become a reality. 

Hershey’s dream for the retreat was that is was completely cage-free, had customised service for each cat’s temperament and had hotel staff trained in animal enrichment and safety. 

As a Stationmaster Archetype type we knew Jessica naturally had all the organisation and planning skills she needed (plus more!) to create a cat hotel that would rival any luxury 5-star human hotel. It would run like clockwork, it would operate at almost perfect standards and every last detail would be taken care of.  

Based on her Stationmaster archetype, What Jessica needed her brand to do for her was to communicate the compelling story that inspired her drive, to inject warmth into her efficiency, heart behind her dedication and a warm welcoming hug around her impeccable standards.

Each of us has a flow state that houses our genius and a stress state that houses our blindspots. It’s your Brand Whisperers job to know exactly what that is and help you shape your business and brand in just the right proportions to help you thrive.    


"In bringing my story to life as part of the website design it lends an authenticity and relatability that builds instant trust and rapport with my potential clients. They know immediately that I understand exactly what they're going through when leaving their own Furbaby in a stranger's care. Through the brand they see that I love my cats as much as they love theirs. I often have people coming in for a tour of the hotel or checking their cat in for the first time and mentioning that they read my story on the website. They can instantly see that this is a personally driven business and not just a money making exercise. The brand Naomi has created lets them know they're in good hands."


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"I'm so pleased with the outcome of the brand development process with the Brand Whisperers team! Not having any clear vision of what I wanted my business to look like, the detailed, step-by-step process of detailing my personality and values and then the businesses' personality and values was so helpful - not only in getting clarity myself but also to develop a brief for the logo and brand development. They really got an intimate understanding of me and what I wanted to convey. They nailed the logo and the brand first go around and I'm almost fully booked out ALL THE TIME!



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