Archetype Characteristics: Traditional, Reliable, Structured

Hopp Footwear founders, Serene and Eric, originally launched their footwear business importing a range of thongs in their local shopping centre. As their business grew and their product range expanded, they needed a new business name and brand to represent their move towards selling not just comfy thongs, but a range of comfortable footwear for active people. They also wanted to be clear that they weren’t a sporting goods brand or a performance shoe store… rather, they provide the casual shoes that active and sporting people wear when they’re not participating in their chosen activities. The name and brand had to fit into the local shopping centre atmosphere and had to compete with the other national and international leisure brands. The result was Hopp Footwear.

Brand Story

Hopp is the Icelandic word for ‘bounce’. In creating the Hopp Footwear logo, Serene and Eric wanted to appeal to people with an active lifestyle who also value excellence and quality.

As such the Hopp logo aims to create a balance between sophistication and fun. The black lettering and consistent counter space in the h, o and p create a sense of order, stability and sophistication while the raised O and iconic arrow with feet bring in the element of fun as well as representing the brand’s value of being active. The contrast of the teal against the black also illustrates this balance as teal represents balance and rejuvenation in colour psychology.

Naomi is simply a combination of creativity, talent, and diligence, plus she has a strong desire for successful outcomes. She has done an incredible job in creating our business name, brand framework and logo. Right from the beginning, she put in limitless effort to gain a clear understanding of our personality, business goals and direction. She exceeded all our expectations every step of the way. We love the way she approaches things with a total can-do attitude, hence making the whole experience both enlightening and fun. Working with her was responsive and engaging, with excellent communication and suggestions throughout. At the end, Naomi delivered an absolutely delightful, professional brand that we are extremely proud of. Without a doubt, we'd work with her again.


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