The INTJ Strategist

We like to call you The Strategist because your business thrives when you have a well thought out long-range plan to execute.

As an INTJ in business you may sometimes wonder why people don’t always listen to you when you’ve so thoroughly thought things through. Multiple times. In a thousand different directions. And when it comes to predicting outcomes, you’re usually spot on the money.

When it comes to business, sometimes it’s not just the outcome people need to hear, the way it’s delivered can make all the difference. Consider taking some time to think about the ‘softer’ sides of communicating when you really want your big ideas to be heard. Maybe even find yourself a trusted mentor (and for you trust is imperative) who’s an expert in such things.

The key to a healthy and successful business for you is to start at the end before you begin.  The gift you bring to the world is to create innovative strategies that get results. You’re probably the type who started working in a 9to5 job, saw how poorly it was run, and then decided there was a better way to run things. Ever curious, The INTJ strategist is often suited to consultancy roles where you won’t get bogged down in the nitty-gritty of things, but can research things thoroughly beforehand, get in quickly,  exercise that strategic excellence of yours, create a solid plan for someone else to follow, and then get out without getting tied up in office politics and inefficient team meetings.

“Always start at the end before you begin.”

is it time to get brand whisperered?

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