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For business owners ready to tap into their own innate business genius.

An hour-long personality type deep dive to:

Does this describe you?

Investment: AU$385

Is this you?

Did you know that self-awareness leads to greater business success?

Research published by organisational behaviour professors Ginka Toegel and Jean-Louis Barsoux states that self-awareness is the most crucial skill for leadership success, yet while 95% of people consider themselves to be self aware, studies have shown that less than 15% actually are. Interesting, right?

We’ve noticed that there’s usually a little voice deep inside every business owner that knows the right decision, the right path to take, the right strategy… but there’s layers of societal conditioning, fear, busy-ness, overwhelm and ingrained habits getting in the way. At Brand Whisperers, we help you understand the one person who can make the biggest difference to your business success – you. By fostering self-awareness, rather than listening to what the latest business guru is telling you you ‘should do’, you’re back in control of your own ship – steadily steering it to your True North, confident you can handle whatever storm heads your way.

Your True North is Waiting

More Clarity

Understand what is right for you (and what's definitely not right for you) and how to apply that to your business.

More Ease

Say goodbye to all the things you're doing because you think you 'should' and hello to working in your zone of genius

The Right Opportunities

Have the time and energy to spot opportunities that will work for you and the confidence to turn down those that won't (even if they do look particularly delicious!)

What People Are Saying

I was more than impressed with the process and personalised service Naomi provides. She’s intuitive and has a gift of making you feel at ease so your deepest desires and dreams for your vision can be uncovered. Throughout her process including deep enquiry and personality profiling, which is enlightening in itself, a full understanding of you and your business strategy is revealed to be artfully integrated into a comprehensive brand. So thank you Naomi, through you, not only do I have an amazing logo and website I love, I have learned so much about myself and my business too!
Jacinta Shilling - INFJ
Earth Point Energy
"Book in with this woman straight away! Lots of people say they do branding and business strategy, but sometimes they don’t really see or understand you properly and they don't think of the big picture. But Naomi has a really different way of looking at things. She has developed this body of work that helps you understand how different people need to work and market themselves differently. Now I have this amazing branding that is really me. It’s really showing exactly who I am and now I'm showing my full self, it's actually bringing in the right people, the right clients. I blummin' love it. And it’s given immediate results!"
Sarah Tuckett - ENFJ
Somatic Psychotherapist
"Before doing True North I was starting to wonder if running a business was for me. I had spent so much money trying to implement advice that made my business feel draining and burdensome. This package gave me permission to be myself rather than following general business rhetoric (like batching blog writing or using templates to ask for referrals). It just wasn't me! Now I'm aware of my personality type and core values I know what advice to listen to, how to market myself with more ease and how to run a business that reflects my strengths and avoids my stressors. "
Lynda James - ENFP
Valo Financial

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