The 1 thing your Personality Type MUST have in business (to not be a sad panda)

By Naomi Gora

Welcome to the first of this 4-part series about how to delve deeper into your Business Personality Type and use it as a tool to shape your business in a way that brings out the best of you. 

Now, I know that finding out your Business Personality Type can feel like a bit of fun, but what you may not know is that under the surface of that four letter code, there’s a tool that unlocks a whole wealth of information you can use to strategically create your business with more ease, more self-awareness and more confidence.

It’s a tool called the Personality Car Model.

I like to think of it more as a pumpkin carriage, because, you know, I am the Fairy Brandmother and all, but you think of it as whatever car you like that’s going to get you to your business goals. It could be a buggy, an all terrain 4WD monster, a speedy porsche or a  convertible Fiat with the top down (the results might tell you more about yourself than you realise! Do you like to go Fast? Do you prefer to meander? Do you want to make sure you’re protected at all costs? ). 

Anyway, I digress, back to the car model. 

Today, I’m going to share 2 things:


  1. How the personality Car Model works and,
  2. What it can tell you about the number one thing you need to have hard wired into your business to experience flow (Without it, you’ll end up feeling like a sad panda and wondering why you hate your business).

So, let’s start. 

1. How does this personality car model work? 

Imagine your brain is a 4 person car.

In the car there are 4 passengers – a Driver and a Co-Pilot in the front, and a 10 Year Old and a 3 Year-Old in the back. 

Each of these passengers represent different parts of your business personality with varying levels of competency and comfort and flow… and they’re different for each personality type. The Driver is the most competent, and is your flow state and the 3 year old is your least competent and is where you get stressed out. 

So, depending on which passengers are in your car, and which seat they’re sitting in, you’ll have a natural knack at some parts of business and other parts will be more likely to stress you the heck out. 

Here’s a visual of the car model.

The most important takeaway for you today is that if you let your back seat passengers drive your business car, you are going to feel like you are constantly failing… But if you get support with tasks that use this part of you, and focus on driving your business car with your very competent DRIVER and CO-PILOT, the long drive to business success is going to be a much happier one with fewer detours, (and possibly less tears and screaming).  

So…. how do you know which passengers sit in your car? 

Over the next four articles, I’ll outline each passenger for each personality type so you can start becoming familiar with your business strengths and stressors. 

Today we’re starting with your DRIVER – which is your FLOW STATE

Scroll down to your type below for a summary of your Driver State and the number 1 thing you need to experience regularly in business to feel a sense of competence, joy and flow. 

If you are an ESTJ Stationmaster or an ENTJ Empire Builder, the driver of your personality car is called EFFECTIVENESS. In business this relates to skills in resource management, growth and leadership.

This means you feel best when you’re making progress in your business – kicking goals, growing bigger, ticking things off your list. Getting. things. Done. And probably efficiently, to a really high standard (and yes you likely expect this of others as well. Don’t feel bad, but a bit of diplomacy when communicating doesn’t hurt). Slow and steady usually does not win the race with this type. 

If you are an ENFP B.F.F. or an ENTP Revolutionary the driver of your personality car is called EXPLORATION. In business this relates to skills in creative problem solving, innovation, and idea generation.

This means you need to have an avenue to follow your curiosity, experience novelty and develop new ideas, innovations, and potential in the world. Just make sure your new ideas and projects have some constraints around them or you’ll quickly end up on random trains to nowhere, getting absolutely nothing done and wondering why you’re not making any progress. 

If you are an INFP Torchbearer or an ISFP Producer, the driver of your personality car is called AUTHENTICITY. In business this relates to skills in ethics, communication, mediation and brand management.

For some entrepreneurial types, they can see a good opportunity and run with it whether they have a personal connection to the idea or not – the thrill of the game is what excites them. This isn’t so for the INFP and ISFP types. They generally need to find deep meaning and a personal connection to their business or they just won’t take action. If you’re this type, you may have been told from a young age that you feel things too much. And it may just be that in the world of business, you feel this even more so – don’t feel, just do. But it is your ability to feel and empathise and deeply understand others that is your superpower – making people feel seen, heard, and understood can be a competitive advantage and point of difference in your offers or service experience.  

If you are an ENFJ Mentor or an ESFJ Humble Host, the driver of your personality car is called HARMONY. In business this relates to skills in human resources, culture, and community management.

If you’re this type, you thrive when you’re helping other people, cultures or communities thrive. Just remember that while you’re helping others also make sure you’re helping yourself or you may end up burnt out, overwhelmed with responsibilities and wanting to hide from your business. In some way or another, your business is probably involved in helping people grow through change, mentoring, coaching, or fostering a positive work culture. And if you’re not in charge of something or ‘managing’ something to make sure everything (and everyone) runs to plan, you may feel at a bit of a loss with what to do with yourself.  

If you are an INTP Truthseeker or an ISTP Lone Wolf, the driver of your personality car is called ACCURACY. In business this relates to skills in technical product improvement, quality control and research. 

These types need to have autonomy over their daily to-do list. If you’re an INTP or an ISTP, you function best when you have full control over what you’re doing, where you’re doing it and how. Conforming to societal expectations, corporate procedures and processes can stifle your innovative problem-solving abilities. Above all else you need the freedom to question the way things are done and why, and be free to create new innovations. Your business will often have some sort of element of being technically ‘better’ or more advanced than other professionals in your field. If there’s a motto for these types it’s ‘Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door’. 

If you are an INTJ Strategist or an INFJ Catalyst, the driver of your personality car is called PERSPECTIVES. In business this relates to skills in Long-term planning, information specialist and risk mitigation.

People who have Perspectives as their driver are contemplative souls who love to go deep into topics they’re interested in, usually to bring something new to the world in some way – whether it be a new philosophical teaching, technological advancement, spiritual perspective or healing modality. When you consider how to structure your business, it’s important for you to build in lots of space for long, uninterrupted periods of reflection so your intuition has time to accurately predict what you need to do next and allow 

If you are an ESTP Ring Master or an ESFP Entertainer, the driver of your personality car is called SENSATION. In business this relates to skills in spotting or starting market trends, fast pivoting and adaptability.

If you’re one of these types, chances are you enjoy living life in the fast lane. Your business is in its element when you’re free to be in the here and now, ready to seize new opportunities and embrace whatever comes your way. Too much meticulous long-term planning or drowning in details can be a real buzzkill, so it’s essential to infuse a dose of spontaneity into your business to keep things fresh and exciting…. You may seek new product innovations, new customers, and new offers – and you’re always on the cutting edge of whatever new thing is trending in your industry…. You may even be creating that trend.  

If you are an ISTJ Rock or an ISFJ Caregiver, the driver of your personality car is called MEMORY. In business this relates to skills in systems, processes, and consistent, seamless product/service delivery. 

Sometimes business can be somewhat of a risky enterprise. For the ISTJ and ISFJ business owners, safety, security and order is key. If you’re this type, weaving in reliability, predictability, and proven systems systems will help you navigate the unpredictable ups and downs of the business world. In your world, success is not about constantly taking wild leaps of faith but building a robust structure that minimises uncertainty. You thrive when you can rely on well-established processes and procedures that you know are going to stand the test of time and give you a level of predictability for the future. 


I’d love to know if you feel like these are an essential must-have in your business for your type. 

And keep in mind, you can have your co-founders and business friends take the quiz too. If they’ve got a different personality type than you, they’ll likely run their businesses in their own way, maybe even completely opposite to yours. But if you know their type and keep reading along, you’ll not only be able to support yourself better but those around you too.


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