The ESTP Ringmaster

We like to call you The Ring Master because your business thrives when you're free to put on a good show and engage your customers in your grand ideas.
There’s not many types as captivating as the ESTP Ringmaster. Always on hand to dazzle a crowd at a moment’s notice, people just can’t help but want to get on board with their latest idea.

For The Ringmaster, business is just one big adrenalin rush with new innovations and new things to be experienced at every turn. Sharing your enthusiasm for new product releases, demonstrating their tantalising benefits in eye-catching and expressive and then casually closing the sale is your bread and butter.

The key to a healthy and successful business for you is to make sure you have a trusted ally checking that your ‘in the moment’ inspirations translate into a long-term strategic plan that will lead you to where you ultimately want to go. Having  a team of details people on hand to back up your dazzling showmanship skills won’t go astray either. Things like handling paperwork and tedious service delivery will only slow down your next latest and greatest reveal.  

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all

is it time to get brand whisperered?

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