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Archetype Characteristics: accuracy, privacy, INDEPENDENCE

Quality, simplicity, convenience. This is what Kamila, owner of The Good Sheet, asked us to convey in her brand. Frustrated with the overwhelming amount of choice in the linen market, coupled with a lack of clarity and accurate information around the perception of thread count and what actually constitutes a ‘good sheet’, Kamila’s Truthseeker Archetype drove her to create a quality bedding option for time poor professionals; a product they could trust to offer true premium quality but with a limited range of neutral colours that would match any bedroom interior. Who wants to waste time figuring out which sheets are actually good sheets?! she thought. So she set off to Israel on a quest to find the best Egyptian cotton, and The Good Sheet was born.

Brand Story

With the aim of creating a logo that is both elegant and timeless as well as playful, modern, simple and gender neutral, a combination of fonts were selected for The Good Sheet. The first, Didot, is a font similar to that used on the Vogue Magazine masthead  – stylish, timeless and elegant. The descender of the ‘g’ in the Didot font is reminiscent of a body curling up in a comfortable bed and the tails on the ‘e’ and ‘t’ create a smooth and flowing bowl… some where you might like to snuggle up with a coffee, your best friend (be it a person or a furry friend!) and a good book for a few hours on a Sunday morning, complete with your fine, breathable linen that you just don’t want to get out of. Minion Pro is a similar font to Didot but the ascenders and descenders on the ‘t’ and ‘h’ are more modern than that of the Didot font. To enhance the playful and modern qualities of the logo, all letters are in lowercase and the boldness selected gives it more of a masculine look to balance out the elegance of the type. To give the logo a truly unique touch, the counter in the ‘o’ and ‘g’ of the font have been re-sized to reflect a scaled size of a single ‘The Good Sheet’ sheet and the tail/bracket area of the initial ‘t’ and ‘h’ have been merged together to reflect the idea of a weave of fabric.

As a Truthseeker personality type, it was also imperative to Kamila that she could maintain her privacy as her business grew. In an era of personal brands and increasing pressure to be the face of your brand, ‘be authentic’ and ‘tell your story’ in business, this didn’t sit well with Kamila – her idea of authenticity was to produce the most superior product in her industry, not to be the face of it. And so her photography, user generated imagery and shared knowledge of the truth of world of sheets became the face of her business instead. 

“By an incredible stroke of luck, Naomi has been a part of my brand story from the very beginning when it was little more than an idea. She took the time to understand my business so well that most times she grasped the vision and brand identity even before I did. It’s entirely possible she’s in my head, seeing patterns amidst the chaos and bringing the concept to life. I’d sum her up as intuitive, creative and invaluable. Oh, and did I mention she’s practical too? Timely and efficient to a tee. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.”


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