Stop spinning your wheels and start going places with a business strategy designed for your strengths.

It's time to create a business strategy you can actually follow

The Hamster Cure is a 6 week group program that helps you cut through generic business advice to create a business strategy that leverages your strengths and avoids your stressors.

What participants are saying

"Going through The Hamster Cure showed me how to restructure my business model, lead generation and service delivery to create a business that gives me so much more joy. "

This was such an invaluable course! Every module helped me clarify my preferred way of working, and the direction I should be taking my business. Naomi's insights during our group sessions were so insightful, and I so appreciate the way she helped each of us uncover our own individual ideal business structures. I'll no longer waste time wondering if I should be starting a membership, or creating a product, as I'm clear now that these won't suit my preferred way of working! Thanks, Naomi! This was such a transformative course. I have a real sense of peace now, knowing how to structure my business so that it's based on what I really enjoy (and am good at) doing.
Sally Tudhope - The Producer Business Personality Type

"Despite years of personal development, it's The Hamster Cure that gave me the insight into what would actually bring me joy from my business. It was nearly there - it just needed a little tweak!".

With The Hamster Cure, Naomi has created something truly special. Wrapped up in her genuine warmth and creative flair, Naomi took us on an inspiring journey of self discovery to uncover OUR way of doing business. The cleverness of this program is how Naomi integrates learning and reflection about self to produce tangible outcomes in how you structure and run your business. I have come away with a new vision (and concrete plan!) for my business that has helped me thrive thrive… instead of all that striving on the hamster wheel. I cannot recommend this program enough!
Narelle Tunstall - The Catalyst Business Personality Type

"The Hamster Cure has been revolutionary for me"

I just want to thank you another 100x for helping me see a way forward in business that gives me joy. My calling has been buried until now (in a business model I'm not suited to). I cant live under a bushell anymore… look out… my business now has clear direction and I have clarity! I can even see how true joy will be part of my new business, in a very real sense. I've been in business for 17 years, and I know “the rainbows and unicorns” can be very temporary if you are in a business that's not aligned with your personality type. I am so happy I can now be more of my true self in my business. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
Samantha Brown - The Catalyst Business Personality Type

As a small business owner, I’ll bet you a pair of Hermès Birkenstock sandals and a custard cronut you’ve spent way too much time thinking things like:

In search of an answer, you turn to your old friend Google. And just like a tipsy uncle at your cousin's 18th, Google is eager to share its thoughts. It might offer up gems like...

Feeling deflated you slump back into your pillow and ask yourself…
“What?! What is it that I’m missing?!”

The thing you’re missing is YOU!

More specifically, the thing you’re missing is a strategy that:

Once you have this clarity, suddenly the endless choices become narrower and the path to YOUR unique way of doing business starts to unfold. One that allows you to take confident, focused action with a clear direction.

When we first start out in business, generic strategies can lead us to building businesses we don’t even want to run. Ones that:

Meet our customers’ needs but ignore our own so we end up operating from a place of depletion, stress and burn out

Copy competitors or gurus in hope of success, even if it’s not a strategy that is aligned to our strengths and circumstances

Accidentally mimic the job we had in the corporate world because it’s familiar and we’re not sure how to do it differently

Feel uncomfortable to run because they’re based on what we ‘should’ do (Hello procrastination!)

Are based on strategies that don’t actually translate that well to small business without the ‘big business’ teams and budgets

Strive for a version of success that doesn’t match the way we want out day-today lives to look

And the cycle starts all over again

What if instead your business put you first so you can...

Spend more of your days doing the things that light you up

Feel like you’re in your element rather than a fish out of water

Enjoy your business most of the time rather than working yourself into the ground in the hope of freedom ‘someday’

Choose the business skills you want to improve with confidence

Flows with your energy rather than forcing you to work against it

Honours your values and what feels good rather  than ‘sucking it up to succeed’

It’s so easy in business to start looking for that one external ‘magic bullet’ that will propel us to success.

Yet, if you take a look at what well-known business owners attribute their success to, you’ll find a range of answers from hard work, consistency, courage and empathy to momentum, intuition, talent, passion, ‘winging it’, dreaming big and even good old fashioned luck.

The reality is that there are infinite ways to run a business and what’s successful for one of us may be a disaster for another.

Can you imagine if Mark Zuckerberg ran his business like Marie Forleo – sitting on stage with a million-dollar smile stating that ‘Everything is figure-outable’? Or if Martha Stewart started screaming at her staff that they’re all ‘idiot sandwiches’ like Gordon Ramsay? The idea is hilarious and terrifying at the same time.

Business is a long-term game with many ups and downs along the way. And while we absolutely need mentors and skilled professionals to guide us, it’s knowing ourselves, our strengths, capabilities and what we truly want that will make sure we last the distance. 

So, shall we throw out the generic business rule books and start creating a business that allows you to be you, just the way you are?

Hi, I'm Naomi, Chief Brand Whisperer & your Hamster Cure Guide

I’m a brand strategist and personality profiler with a degree in marketing… and I’ve worked in or run small businesses since the start of my career.

After years watching small businesses start and grow (including my own!), I found a crucial first step of business strategy missing. And that’s to first understand ourselves and how that correlates to the businesses we can, and actually want to run. It’s then, and only then, that we start to infuse that insight into a strategy that invites our customers to meet us at our best selves, using a plan that works for us, rather than the masses.

Because how useful is a strategy that ‘works’ if you just can’t bring yourself to to execute it? And how useful is trying to blindly meet your customer’s needs only to sacrifice your own and burn yourself out?

While many strategies look at the way you SHOULD run your business, I designed The Hamster Cure to seek out the way you WANT to run it, so you can continue doing so, every day for many years to come.

What do you get?

Self-awareness exercises to uncover your unique path forward

A copy of the Business Owner's Guide Book for your Business Personality Type

8 x 2 hour Weekly Group Coaching Calls + Trello support

You'll create your own business 'Encyclopedia of You' to guide your decisions

And make your Priority Pathway Map to keep you on track

What we'll cover during our time together


Getting off the Hamster Wheel

In this module you'll learn:


Put yourself in the driver's seat of your business

In this module you'll learn:


Get Clear on Where You Really Want to Go

In this module you'll learn:


Narrow the Options to Get There

After this module you'll be able to:


Set Your Compass to True North

After this module you'll be able to:


Your Unique Business, Your Unique Way

After this module you'll learn how to:


Create Your Priority Pathway

After this module you'll be able to:


Stay the Course

In this module you'll learn:

Get the insight and the strategy to set your business up to work the way you want to, not the way you think you have to.

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$ 1,500 AUD SAVE $297

This is the part of the sales page where you'd normally see a heap of bonuses with their estimated value to try to convince you that you need to buy my thing.

I don’t want to convince you to buy my thing. Some business personality types are great convincers. I’m not one of those. I’m more of a “Here’s a thing I made that helped me, maybe it can help you too. If you think it could then let’s work together, if not, there’s probably a reason for that – listen to it”. All my best stuff is already in the modules above. Saying that, there are 3 things that business owners ask me a lot, so instead of offering bonuses, I’ve highlighted those below…

Module 1: EVERYTHING IS TOO MUCH... Help?!

There's so many ways you could run your business that it's easy to get distracted by every new idea or suggestion that comes along. This can often end up with chopping and changing strategy before you've given them a chance to work or 'sort of' trying to do a little bit of everything, that leads to a scattered and inconsistent approach and one very stressed and burnt out business owner. In our very first module we'll set the conditions to slow your Hamster Wheel down and allow your inner hamster to thrive.

Module 4: Do I really have to do social media?

The short answer to this is a resounding HECK NO. In Module 4 we'll get really clear on your absolute Must Have's in your Business and Your Hard No's before we venture into aligning your Business in Module 6 (including how to know if something is definitely not right for you or whether you're lacking the knowledge-base or feeling of competence to give it a try).

Module 6: Where do I find new clients?

Ahhhh, lead generation. That dirty old chestnut and the bane of so many business owners' existences. You go into business to do the thing you know stuff about only to discover that there's more to it than just knowing your stuff or making a damn fine product. In module 6 you'll get my 10 ways to Generate Leads for product or service based businesses (that don't just tell you to 'Use email marketing' without giving you an idea of how to actually get people onto your email list). Then we'll find the one that matches your preferred way of doing business.

The Happy Hamster Guarantee

If you’re getting the feeling that tailoring your business to your own strengths and stressors and preferences is the biggest missing piece of the ‘how-to-run-a-business’ puzzle that no-one seems to be talking about, you’d be on the money. 

The power that strong self-awareness brings to a business owner is the foundation for happier days, higher performance, better choices and easier growth. I’ve even had business owners tell me that they’ll sleep with their Brand Book on their bedside table forever.

But funnily enough while self-awareness is so important to performance, research shows that while 95% of us believe we’re self-aware, only 12-15% of us actually are. Combine that with a solid self-awareness of how we can and want to run our businesses and that number drops even lower.

I know, right?

And yet, here we are starting businesses willy-nilly without giving it a second thought. 

That’s why if you come along on this adventure and the strategy we create doesn’t help you make better decisions and save you time, money, and stress, I’ll give you a refund so you can find your own path.

What happens when you start to become a Happy Hamster?

"I completely transitioned my business to a new business model to better suit my natural strengths."

Going through the True North Program was like seeing a beautiful bright light in a dark room. Naomi’s vast knowledge of marketing combined with her skill at personality profiling and her authentic desire to see business owners shine is rare. I highly recommend working with Naomi before wasting money on strategies that aren't aligned with your values and natural talents.
Symmone Gordon - The Produce Business Personality Type

"I now have so much more confidence that I am on the right track and now clearly know what I should, and should not focus on."

OMG! My Business Owner's Personality Guide was incredible! I don't think I have ever read anything that sums up who I am in a business sense with such accuracy. Everything makes so much sense now. It makes me feel like I have "come home". I now have the confidence to grow my business in the right direction and can see why people keep asking me to join boards and take on leadership roles! I can't thank you enough! What a gift you've given"
Nicole Ashby - The Mentor Business Personality Type

"My clinic is now booked out for months to come and I’ve had to hire more staff to keep up with demand!”

Naomi made the daunting process of starting a business easy and enjoyable. From not knowing where to start and feeling overwhelmed with all the advice out there, I now have a brand and a strategy that helps me confidently make every business decision (From what to invest in to what Christmas presents to buy clients!). I think I'll have my Brand Book on my bedside table forever. This one asset has helped me make so many good decisions and saved me so much time and money.
Georgia Ellis - The Humble Host Business Personality Type

"You held my hand when I didn’t really know what I was doing or where I was going, and then… Just when you knew I was ready. You let go. And watched me fly."

I still remember the day I found her. Her beautiful pixie-like face smiling back at me from her website. I knew straight away that she was ‘The One’. Naomi Gora, You are such a fabulous woman. You have a tremendous talent for helping people turn their dreams into reality and making the journey fun and deeply inspiring.
Helene Thomas - The Catalyst Business Personality Type
The Wayfinder Studio

"My strategy resonates with my very core."

What a gift it has been to work with Naomi. Her love, care, wisdom and professionalism was evident from our first meeting. The strategy we created was insightful and truly reflects her deep insight and market knowledge.
Mary Dwyer - The Strategist Business Personality Type
impact solutions international

"I can now serve others in my industry with confidence and authenticity."

Whether you’re creating a new business & brand strategy or wanting to evolve in your existing one, you just have to connect with Naomi. Working with her has taught me so much about who I am. Her knowledge, support and guidance has been so invaluable in helping me to create a business that is both effortless and rewarding."
Lisa Miller - The Humble Host Business Personality type
the alternative hair therapist

Your questions answered

Common questions

Both. Without a doubt. It’s the business foundation I wish I’d had when I started out. I wish there was a course to tell me ‘You’re probably going to hate this business thing’ or ‘This business thing is likely to be right up your alley’. If you’re just starting out, The Hamster Cure will provide a solid foundation for creating a business that aligns with your strengths and helps you avoid your stressors. If you’ve been in business for a while and are frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed, The Hamster Cure will help you realign your business to create a more fulfilling and sustainable set up with clear next steps – one that helps create a business that actually supports you rather than feeling like you’re slave to a demanding task master that always wants MORE.

The Hamster Cure course is unique because it helps you align your business to your strengths and stressors, allowing you to create a business that you love. Rather than focusing solely on conventional business strategies you can’t (or don’t want to) enact, The Hamster Cure takes a holistic approach by considering you before prescribing generic advice

Nope. And anyone saying they can is trying to sell you something. The road of business has many ups and downs. It is inherently risky and challenging – if it wasn’t, everyone would do it. What I can guarantee is that it will give you insights to discover your own version of success and how you can move towards it in a way that doesn’t sacrifice your integrity, values or make you sell your soul. In fact, some people have even gone through this process to discover their current business was never going to make them happy. One business owner I’ve worked with closed up his gorgeous online product store and started a new business as a yoga instructor. Another gave up her very lucrative C-Suite executive training consultancy to become an artist. What The Hamster Cure will do is give you the self-insight paired with business knowledge to uncover your unique path to what works best for you.

The program consists of Weekly 2 hour group coaching calls over 6 weeks along with weekly self-awareness exercises to help you align your business in a way that works for you. I would suggest putting one day a week aside for the program while we’re together. It may seem like a lot of time, but measuring thrice now and cutting once will save you lots of time later on!

During The Hamster Cure program, you’ll have access to the like-minded business owners who are also taking the course (I’ve been told these group calls were the highlight of participants weeks during our 6 weeks together). And for the duration of the program I’ll be available for any additional questions you have. 12 weeks after the initial program is completed we then book in a half day implementation workshop to catch up and plot the next quarter of your business plan to keep you on track.

Get the insight and the strategy to set your business up to work the way you want to, not the way you think you have to.




$ 1,500 AUD 1 x PAYMENT - SAVE $297

Psst….Are you a business owner based in Tasmania? You may be eligible for a grant for The Hamster Cure tuition fee. Contact me to find out more.  

Warning: Side effects of The Hamster Cure may include excessive tail wagging, uncontrollable cheese cravings, and a new-found enjoyment and confidence. 

is it time to get brand whisperered?

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