The catalyst

We call you The Catalyst because your business thrives when it allows you to delve deeply into a problem, root out the cause and become a conduit for powerful transformation.

As an INFJ in business you may feel like you often have groundbreaking ideas that people somehow just don’t seem to hear. Or perhaps you expend a lot of energy holding space for people to create transformational change, only to hear crickets when it comes to receiving acknowledgement for your efforts.

And yet, that quiet, almost invisible side of you that thoughtfully observes patterns behind the scenes and listens so deeply is the exact reason you’re able to create these transformative ideas that can so easily get drowned out in today’s fast paced world of ‘doing’ without a lot of well thought out direction.

You, my INFJ friend, have the gift of not only being able to see the complex world of interconnected systems at work within people – physically, spiritually and emotionally, but also of having a knack of knowing how to optimise those systems so people can heal themselves, and in turn, the world. You’re an antidote to pain and a firm but fair guiding hand that gives people the answers to their problems in a way they didn’t even know was possible.

The key to a successful and healthy business for you is to build Intellectual Property around your deep insight and educate, educate, educate! It’s likely you’ve spent so much time studying, thinking about and perfecting your area of expertise that you’ve created what’s more of a philosophy around what you do, rather than just your everyday product or service offering. 

This not only provides stacks a wealth of content ideas for your marketing, it helps position your differentiate yourself from other people in your industry so you can compete on the value you offer instead of price. If there’s one trap The Catalyst type can fall into when it comes to business it’s bending over backwards to support as many people as they possibly can only to neglect to structure their business so they also support themselves. 

When I think of all The Catalyst Business Personality types I’ve worked with over the years, the well-worn airplane oxygen mask analogy always comes to mind – Remember that you must fit your own oxygen mask first to be able to have the capacity to help others with theirs. 

Knowing your personality type is just the first step to your unique path to success. The real power comes when you understand WHY you think, learn and behave the way they do so you can use it as a tool for continued insight. 

Once you master this you start to realise that you have your own inbuilt success navigation system inside you the whole time. One that can tap into your own inner genius in a moment, make better decisions and give you the confidence that YOU’RE the one who has all the answers you need. How dandy would that be?


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