The ISFP Producer

We like to call you The Producer because your business thrives when your produce live and interactive experiences for customers that ignite their senses and move their hearts.

As an ISFP in the business world you may have at times felt like you just can’t quite achieve the big dreams you know you’re capable of. Somehow, you never quite seem to get there and you’re just not sure why.

If this is you, dear ISFP, know you’re not alone. The genius you bring to the world is your sense of adventure in everything you do and an ability to express yourself and create experiences in a way that evokes strong emotions in others. All those the day-to-day parts of running a business, things like systems and accounting and routine and consistency and schedules are the exact opposite of your adventurous, spontaneous and experiential nature.

The key to a healthy and successful business for you is to not get caught up in the traditional scheduled ways that are the norm of doing business. The best business models for you are simple systems that offer a container that will hold the next new and exciting thing you feel drawn to create.

Structures that may work well for you are things like live events, interactive experiences or retreats. Set the structure up once so it’s simple, reliable and won’t take up too much of your headspace in terms of administration and logistics while you’re letting yourself be drawn to where ever your heart calls you next.

I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.

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