The ISTP Free Agent

We like to call you The Free Agent because your business thrives when you have the freedom to do things your own way, and that's usually the 'right' way. Whatever business you've chosen it's likely to have an element of craftsmanship, precision and attention to detail that means others will seek you out for your fine quality or skills.

The Free Agent is a mysterious sight to behold for sure. When you think of the Free Agent, think of characters like James Bond, Bear Grylls and if you’re old enough, even MacGyver. Their attention to sensory details in the moments and quick reflexes are second to none. There’s not a better person to have around in an emergency than one of these calm, cool and collected mavericks.

It’s likely that when it comes to owning a business you’ll be drawn to doing your own things in your own way – free of restrictive policies and procedures that limit you from reacting to whatever each moment may bring. This may sound like you’re a fast-paced action hero, but in reality, while you do have a ¬†strong sense of adventure, you’re a calm soul, ready to spring into action when it’s needed most.

The key to a successful and happy business for the ISTP Free Agent is to do something that allows you to master a skill and that skill is likey to be something you do with your hands or body whether it’s mastering a craft or technical trade, ¬†perfecting or fixing mechanical items, climbing mountains or keeping people safe. While it may at times feel like a struggle to get other people on board with your ideas, because the art of people and social situations isn’t always in your zone of comfort, know you can still have a successful thriving business by letting your technical mastery (and the positive word of mouth it brings) lead the way.

Expect the unexpected. And whenever possible, be the unexpected.

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