The 1 thing your Business Personality Type needs to GROW their business

By Naomi Gora

Hello and welcome back to my 4-part series about how to use the Business Personality Type Car Model to help you make better decisions in your business.


In my last post, I introduced how the car model works and then showed you how you can use it to identify the Number 1 thing your personality type needs hard wired into their business to regularly feel a sense of competence and flow.


If you missed part 1 you can read it here.


And if you can’t remember what personality type you tested as, you can take the quiz again here to remind yourself. 


Last week’s email focused on the DRIVER of the car. The part of your personality that is your greatest talent. It’s so much a part of you that you use it without even trying (so it makes sense to leverage it in your business!).


This week we’re focusing on the CO-PILOT of your car. This is your GROWTH STATE. It’s a part of you that you’re pretty good at, but using it doesn’t feel as comfortable as when you’re in your flow state… so you can sometimes put off getting better at it because it feels like work (Isn’t growth always work?!).


But when you do commit to flexing that muscle regularly, and combine it with the talents of your Driver, that’s when you step into your GENIUS state.


Here’s the model to remind you again….

Ok, so how can you use your Co-pilot to create more growth in your business? Scroll down to your type below to find out…. 



If you are an ISFJ Caregiver or an INFJ Catalyst, your Co-pilot is called Harmony. In business this relates to skills in human resources, culture, and community management.


If you’re a Catalyst or a Caregiver type, the wellbeing of others is likely close to your heart. The thing for you is that because you’re introverted, you can sometimes shy away from creating new connections with others. In business you can get into your growth state by challenging yourself to get out into new networks and meet new people. People buy things from people… and if you’re hiding yourself away your business can end up being the world’s best kept secret! You’re also likely to look after everyone else before yourself… I see this showing up with the Caregiver and Catalyst types when they don’t charge high enough because they’re worried others can’t afford it… or they even refuse to shut down unprofitable product lines because they don’t want anyone to miss out. Go back to what YOU need to earn to make your business viable and work your prices and offerings back from there. 




If you are an ESTP Ringmaster or an ENTP Revolutionary, your Co-Pilot is Accuracy. In business this relates to skills in product improvement, quality control and research. 


For Ringmasters and Revolutionaries, your knack for autonomy and a keen eye for accuracy will give you a competitive edge. While you’re going a hundred miles an hour exploring new ideas, connections and market trends, take a minute to slow down and focus not only on how you can be a trailblazer who discovers something new…. but one who creates a ‘BETTER’  something new that fills a need in your market. 




If you are an INTP Truthseeker or an INFP Torchbearer, your Co-Pilot is Exploration. In business this relates to skills in creative problem solving, innovation, and idea generation.


And usually you will have these qualities in SPADES. You have all the ideas and solutions… the problem? You will not get off your butt and TRY them. If there’s one thing I could say to both these types it would be to get out of your comfort zone and actually test out these amazing ideas, theories, products, and tools you come up with. They really ARE good. Just do it. You will fail, it will be messy but that is how you iterate and improve… not by keeping it ‘perfect’ in your head forever. 



If you are an ESFP Entertainer or an ENFP B.F.F, your co-pilot is Authenticity. In business this relates to skills in brand and image management, values, ethics and communication. 


These types like to be in the moment, exploring things, experiencing things and have a drive to just get things done… BUT if your not careful this can lead you to compromise on your values and what’s really important to you in the pursuit of quick wins. Try to resist the temptation to adopt strategies solely for short-term gains that may not resonate with who you really are… stay sincere, and when making decisions as yourself ‘Does this feel GOOD, or does this feel RIGHT?…. When it feels right (even when you have to give up feeling ‘good’ in the moment), you’re probably on the right track. 



If you are an ISTP Lone Wolf or an ISFP Producer, your co-pilot is Sensation. In business this relates to skills in spotting or starting market trends, fast pivoting and adaptability.


To grow remember not to assume you know what’s going to happen next or how people will react to your offers and marketing… get out there and test it. The biggest way I see these types self sabotage is by assuming ‘that will never work’. Often they’re surprised when they actually go and check with their customers that there’s more solutions and opportunities out there than they realised. 



If you are an ESFJ Humble Host or an ESTJ Stationmaster, your co-pilot is Memory. n business this relates to skills in systems, processes, and consistent, seamless product/service delivery. 


For you, the key to growth is to lean into creating automates, reliable, proven structures and systems in your business. Rather than going out and creating something new and better for people all the time (which is also a great thing!), get the structures and systems around your offerings to make them run on autopilot and deliver consistently….. THEN go onto the next thing, building your business in silos, one at a time. 



If you are an ISTJ Rock or an INTJ Strategist, your co-pilot is Effectiveness. In business this relates to skills in resource management and goal achievement. 


If you’re one of these types, sometimes you can get stuck in what they ‘know’ and become fearful, or just resistant, of taking risks or making changes. Your business grows when you get our of your head and shake up your routine with some new big goals for innovation – especially if those goals align with maintaining high standards, and leading with precision. It will help you have a competitive edge. 



If you are an ENTJ Empire Builder or an ENFJ Mentor, your co-pilot is Perspectives. In business this relates to skills in long-term planning, risk mitigation and predicting outcomes.


Sometimes it’s ok not to be taking all the action in the real world. It’s ok to stop and not be looking after everyone else’s needs (for ENFJs) or getting things done (for ENTJs). Your genius is activated when you actually take the time to dedicating ample time to long, uninterrupted periods of reflection. It’s when you stop and listen and contemplate that you have ‘aha!’ moments to bring something new to the world, whether it’s a philosophical teaching, technological advancement, or a unique perspective. This approach allows you to build a business strategy that aligns with your unique viewpoints that will give you a competitive advantage. 






Did you get any ‘aha’s’ today? 


Now, today’s self-reflection exercise is this – How can you use your FLOW STATE from the last post (Click here if you need a refresher on what it is) and combine it with your GROWTH state this week to step into your business genius? I’d love to hear your thoughts. 



I’ll be going over exercises like these (and so much more!) in the next round of my virtual group program, The Hamster Cure.



The Hamster Cure is a 6 week virtual group program designed to get you off The Hamster Wheel and stepping into your own Magnificence in business. We start November 2 and you can find out more about what we’ll be covering here – personality types are just the beginning! (And if you’re based in Tasmania, you may qualify for a grant to cover your tuition – reply to this email to find out how!). 

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