How to use your personality type to design your business offers, money strategy and brand

By Naomi Gora

Today I sat down with Lynda James from Valo Financial to have a casual chat about how we can use personality typing to be more self-aware in our decision making across 3 core business pillars – our product and service offers, how we make and manage money, and how we create our brands. 

Starting out her career as a corporate accountant, Lynda (who is The B.F.F Personality Type in the Brand Whisperers type system), soon found that something about her career just didn’t feel right (we talk a little about why that was in our chat). A fan of community-based market culture, Lynda believes there’s a need for business owners to create sustainable businesses that don’t compromise their health, values or lifestyle. Today she helps small business owners do just that through her use of money archetypes, and, she’s a certified Brand Whisperer, so she also uses Business Personality Typing to help business owners make better financial decisions.

I hope you enjoy the discussion as much as we did! And if there’s something to do with personality types and business you’d love to know more about, let me know and we may just do another one of these…

is it time to get brand whisperered?

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